Art NXT Level Membership

The Art NXT Level provides advice, resources and support for your biggest challenges as an artist through an online membership community you can always count on.

Art NXT Level Membership with Coaching

The Library of courses offers tons of topics for every stage of your art career. As an emerging artist, you will have access to a Roadmap in which we recommend the top videos and resources specific to your current needs. However you have access to the entire library 24/7. 

The forums are the bloodline of the Art NXT Level community. This is where you ask questions, post updates, read and comment on other artists posts. Forums include weekly accountability, business insights, goals and more.

Every month, we schedule live brainstorming calls with Sergio & Dr. Yanina. At these live video calls, you are welcome to ask questions, provide feedback or simply show up. We are your brainstorming team, helping you with your career's questions or concerns.

Since we believe that to succeed in your career, you ought to nurture your Self from the inside out, we offer strategies to help you overcome mindset blocks that are holding you back and advice to help you live a happier, healthier, fulfilling life.

The benefits of joining us...

  • Artist Community
    Join Sergio and Dr. Yanina Gomez for bi-monthly live brainstorming video sessions.
  • Ask any questions and particiapate in our community forums.
  • Get exclusive invitations to submit work to exhibit in our Chicago art gallery.
  • Connect with other like-minded artists from around the world that, like you, are here to reach their next level goals.
  • Reduce stress from trying to figure out things on your own.
  • Get professional wellness advice to help you deal with stress and mindset blocks.
  • Access our growing library of video trainings and podcast interviews.
  • Access our list of over 200 museums and institutions accepting exhibition proposals.
  • Access our list of US and Canada Art Consultants.
  • Stay motivated for the long run so that you can achieve your professional goals.

Looking forward to working with you!  Sergio & Dr. Yanina Gomez


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