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The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

The Artist Next Level with Sergio Gomez

Hosted by: Sergio Gomez

Inspiring artists to take control of their art career. Hosted by Sergio Gomez, The Artist Next Level Podcasts features interviews with successful artists, art professionals, and provides practical advice to take your...


Artist Cesar Biojo Talks About the New App Kaleido

Season #7 Episode #290

Artist Cesar Biojo talks about art and his new app KALEIDO which helps artists present their work online. My assistant Ana Sofia met with Cesar in his Barcelona studio and the result was this warm and insightful...
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The benefits of consistency in your art

Season #7 Episode #288

Do you make art that is consistent or are you all over the place when it comes to your work? In this episode with my friend Beth Inglish, I share the benefits of creating work with consistency. If you want to be...
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Mysteries in Colour, the book with Mazarine Memon

Season #7 Episode #287

Canadian artist Mazarine Memon turns her artistic passion into a book for practicing mindfulness through creativity. Check out her beautiful journey of taking an idea into a reality. Learn about her book Mysteries in...
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How to Get More Press as an Artists

Season #7 Episode #286

Do you want to get press for your art and your projects? This episode with my friend Beth Inglish will give you the why, when and how of getting press as an artist.
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Drew Harris and Sergio Gomez Talk Painting Uncut

Season #7 Episode #286

Listen to artists Drew Harris and Sergio Gomez talk about art studio, inspiration, beginnings, painting, process, and much more. In this episode, Drew and Sergio interviews each other and share new light into each...
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Telling Your Story Part 4: The Established Artist

Season #7 Episode #285

If you have been making art for long tima and still wonder how to share your story and what to post in social media, check this episode out and take action. In this episoe I talk about how to share your artist's story
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Telling Your Story Part 3: The Mid-Career Artist

Season #7 Episode #284

Every artist has a story to tell. In this episode of the "Telling your artist story" series, I talk about how to share your story in your social media as a mid-career artist. This episode will help you make better and...
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Telling Your Story Part 2: The Emerging Artist

Season #7 Episode #283

Are you an emerging artist who wants to share your story in social media but not sure how to do it? Perhaps you may feel that you do not have too much to say. In this episode of Breakfast with Sergio I chat with Ana...
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Telling Your Artist Story. Part 1

Season #7 Episode #282

Are you telling your artist story? In today's Breakfast with Sergio 329 we talk about why you should tell your story and how to do it.
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Art Business QA Coaching Session Recording

Season #7 Episode #281

In this episode, I share a recent art business Q/A session recording from my coaching program The Artist Next Level Academy. In it I answer an array of questions fromInstagram, marketing, payment plans and more. If...
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The Business Side of Being an Artist with Jason Matias

Season #7 Episode #280

In today's episode I chat with artist/photographer Jason Matias While Jason’s financial success is aspirational, it’s his story that is the true inspiration for anyone wondering if they can make a living selling their...
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Releasing a New Body of Work with Jaimon Cacres

Season #7 Episode #279

How do you successfully release a new body of work? In this episode, I chat with artist Jaimon Caceres about his successful previous releases and the new one that is coming out soon. Check it out!
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